Quick review: Oscha JKZO Sea Island Cotton

JKZO SICHow do I love thee, let me count the ways… This is the absolute king of wraps for me. I’ve tried a lot, churned a lot, worn a lot in my 3.5 year wrapping journey and for me, this wrap really does it all. It’s solidly medium thickness in hand and fared well in both summer and winter weather. The support, cush and stretch mean an easy, tight, super comfy wrap job every time. I have a size 7, which is actually more wrap than I usually like to tangle with, but given how easy it is to wrap with, I’m just enjoying the nice long swishy tails! It’s just amazing — molds right to both me and baby (well, toddler at 18mo). Although I’ve seen others mention that it needed breaking in, but I found it pretty soft from the get-go (although it has gotten even more so). If I put aside all sentiment for my other wraps and carriers, this could easily be my one-and-only from birth to toddler.

My only complaint is that it lulled me into thinking that all sea island cotton blends would be equally miraculous, so I overspent on another SIC wrap from another wildly popular maker and it was decidedly not love. It wasn’t even like… but that’s a lesson learned and another post for another day!

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Diva Milano!

We were very excited to be chosen to host two Diva Milano wraps. These arrived recently and are now working their way around the SAB collective. As they do we will post more reviews but in the mean time, let’s introduce the wraps. Pay attention, these will be part of a give away at the end of the SAB tour!

The first wrap is Lago, from the Diva Essenza collection. This collection was Diva Milano Essenza Lagospecifically designed to be more affordable than the Diva Milano collection and the wraps are approximately $125 for a size 6.

Lago is 100% cotton and had undergone pre-treatment to make it soft straight from the box (all Essenza wraps undergo this treatment). SAB Abby agrees and found this wrap to be perfect for her new SAB wrappee. At approximately 80cm, Diva wraps are wider than average but wrapping a small newborn was not a problem as this wrap was thin and mouldable enough to compensate for the width.

“We loved this wrap much more than I was expecting to. The blue was so bright and vivid and the fabric was oh-so-soft. I found myself reaching for it over our old favorites. It was perfect with my young baby in FWCC. I didn’t try it with my toddler but I’m sure it would have been comfortable in a multi-pass carry like Double Hammock. It was easy to wrap with and cool in the warm autumnal weather.”

The second wrap is Diva Minao Veneziano Arancio. This extra wide, 46% linen blend wrap is very supportive and SAB Abby found it great for her toddler. Diva Milano Veneziano Arancio

“I struggled to wrap my 2 month old in this wrap as it was not well broken in and the leg passes felt too bulky but it was perfect for my toddler, who is in the 30-35lb region. By the end of my time with it, the wrap had softened significantly and I did manage to wrap the baby. It needed more breaking in but I found it perfectly comfortable on my shoulders, even with a horrible wrap job. I wasn’t overly fond of the color but I took it to sling meet and several others agreed it looked much better on than in pictures.”


Do you like the sound of these wraps? Please comment and let us know which one you’d like in a give away. Let us know here, on facebook, or by emailing SABcollective@gmail.com




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Babywearing Myths: Busted

There is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about babywearing! This post addresses a few of the common myths.

You’re not a ‘real’ babywearer if you don’t… (wear every day, use wraps, etc.)

Have you used something other than your arms to carry a baby? Congratulations, you’re a babywearer!

A person who wears their baby every day is no more a babywearer than the person who only wears their baby at the weekends, or on day-trips. A person who uses a Baby Bjorn is as much a babywearer as the person who regularly cycles through twenty high-end carriers, or the person who uses a bed-sheet to wrap their baby. Continue reading

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How Babywearing Got Us Through PPD

PPD  wasn’t going to happen to me. It didn’t matter that my mother had it with all three of her children, or that there was a huge history of depression of all sorts in my family. I wasn’t going to get it. I was going to defy everyone.

The only thing I defied when it came to postpartum changes was fitting back into my jeans sooner than my mother did after her first baby. That was a victorious day, and perhaps second only to the day I discovered that babywearing was a viable bonding method for someone who wanted both hands free often. Continue reading

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Happy world breastfeeding week!

In honor of world breastfeeding week (http://worldbreastfeedingweek.org/), here’s a quick list of YouTube tutorials for nursing in a carrier! Here are a few older posts on our favorite BWing options for nursing on the go (one, two, three).

Happy BWing and BFing!

Happy world breastfeeding week!

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