COTW – Taiwanese Back Carry

This week, we SAB folk have been trying the Taiwanese back carry! Taiwanese - Braid Rosehip 7

Using a medium to long wrap, this traditional carry places baby high on the back (see right) and is great for inquisitive wrappees. This carry is relatively good for leg straighteners but SAB Sarah reported that her wrappee wiggled out the first time she tried. She said ‘I found that if I put at least one pass under his legs to make a better seat, he wasn’t able to pop it and was much happier in the carry’. Step by step photo instructions are here, or if you prefer a video, try this one!

The aesthetics of this carry have divided our SAB folk this week and you will notice some carry variations in the gallery. Taiwanese can be modified to rebozo or torso style, or the Taiwanese - 5bchest belt can be modified to spread the chest passes further vertically. If you get it right, Taiwanese back carry can look very pretty indeed (see left) but it requires careful placement of the chest passes on SAB mamas to prevent it from looking wonky. SAB daddies don’t have this problem, and you will notice a couple of them rocking the carry in our gallery.

If you’re trying Taiwanese Back Carry for the first time after reading this post, we’d love to see your pictures on our facebook page!

Next week our COTW is the Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S) back carry. Send your pics and top tips to for inclusion in our gallery!

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